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High School Reunion

I had been to a reunion party yesterday that was held at Business Class Bar & Restaurant in Lanang. Audrey and Mary Rose were my classmates abroad who paid for our party. I arrived first because I headed straight from work. I ordered light beer and tinkering my ipad while waiting for them. We drank beers before we ordered our dinner. We chatted a lot and took so many pictures while refreshing ourselves. My classmates who came were Meraflor, Armidelle, Jocelyn, Berlie, Jeanette, Jerome, Rito, Chris, Audrey, Mary Rose and me. The bar place has a nice ambience with free wifi, fully air-conditioned and has live band. We had so much fun jamming with the band. My classmates requested a happy birthday song dedicated to our classmate Rito. He was shocked because it was not his birthday actually. My classmate was just having fun with him. All in all, we had so much fun seeing each other again, sharing my abroad classmates their blessings with us. Many thanks to both of you, may God bless you more and will give you good health always working abroad.

Rimless Eyeglass

I couldn’t bear seeing my eyes near sight like reading my mobile text messages and ipad reading,  It’s hard reading small letters so I thought I need reading glass.  Though I have one but the glass lens is too small and painful on my nose.  I decided to have my eyes checked by the ophthalmologist the other week as I couldn’t read text messages anymore.  When he checked my eyes, I could see far sight letters but near sight I couldn’t read small letters.  He concluded that my grade was 175 and progressive.  He said after 5 years the grade of my eyes would reach to 250 then it will stop there and no medicine treatment just eyeglass.  I ordered rimless eyeglass as its light weight and it looks subtle when wearing it.  I am thankful I have reading eyeglass as I could see small letters now.

Floral Curtain Holder

Last week, I was in the mall to look for plastic container but I don’t like the rectangle shape. Until I went to curtain area and saw floral curtain holder.  I bought yellow gold color for our yellow gold curtain at home.  They have a lot of colors available but I chose the color that would match our curtain.  When I got home, I immediately use the floral curtain holder that I bought as it perfectly match the curtain that we are using now in our living room area.

Mother Necklaces

I always love jewelry in fact I invested so much jewelry for my collection.  From white gold to yellow gold jewelry such as necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet, bangle and watch.  It’s nice to invest on jewelry because its valuable things and you can pawn or loan in the pawnshop when you need money urgently or make it as collateral on loan transaction.  My mother loves jewelry too she has few collection for daily wear and special occasion from mother necklaces to earrings and rings as her investment. She loves wearing jewelry wherever she goes as her accessory.

Bonding With Joyce

After work, Joyce came to our office to pay her load and we headed to Victoria Plaza to pay for her water bill.  Then we went to Abreeza Mall for strolling.  We strolled around the mall, we visited body shop as they are on sale.  They have buy one take one Japanese cherry blossoms eau de toilette and body mist but we didn’t buy as I have so many perfumes at home.  But in fairness the perfume is so fragrant and very feminine.  We visited shoe saloon, the wedge that I like was there so I had the chance fitting them but the price was so pricey compared to online selling.  I better wait for my order online than buying at the mall to save more money.  We visited Saizen, a Japanese Store I bought one liter of dish washing liquid and ice tray with cover.  We were so tired window shopping so we decided to have dinner at KFC.  We both ordered supreme bowl chicken ala king with rice, mushroom sauce and corn and soft drink.  The food was yummy and worth the price we paid.  We were so full and went home.  It was nice to have a bonding with my friend after so many months that we had not visited Abreeza.

Happy Birthday Mama

Today is the birthday of my mama.  She is turning 74 now.  We prepare some foods for her birthday.  Ate made her macaroni salad, bought lechon manok, pancit for long life and soft drinks.  To add more food I also bought moist chocolate cake and pancit malabon for long life.  I thank God for giving my mama long life and I hope she will have more birthdays to come, more blessful years and good health always .  My mama is the best mother that I could be proud of.  Happy birthday mama and happy mother’s day.

SSS Payment

I decided to pay my sss benefit including my sister before the due date as I have more time to pay it today.  As usual, I got my priority number and had my lunch in Jollibee.  I just had rice, garlic beef with pepper, shanghai lumpia and soft drink. Then I return to SSS office for the payment.  I wanted to report my  sss monthly   payment but their internet connection was very slow.  I hope to report my payment soon as I want my SSS benefit to be always updated.

Cleaning Time

I don’t have work today because we are observing holy week.  This is my time to clean my room, wash all the cosmetics on my table with water and let it dry and arrange it again.  I remove all the wall decors and wipe with wet cloth.  I also remove all my clothes in the closet clean it and wash the wash clothes that are yellowish as it was not worn for a long time.  I have 4 days of cleaning, washing and ironing clothes.  It was tiring but I have more time cleaning the house.

Lingerie On Sale

Last March, there were a lot of sale for Wacoal lingerie.  I sold four pairs of Wacoal lingerie for my customers.  I bought two pieces of hipster undies colored pink and blue.  I also bought skin tone long girdle out of my profit.  I like the items that I bought because it perfectly fits on me, very comfortable and the long girdle is very useful when wearing dress.  I saved 65% of the three items that I bought.

Wildlife Camera Traps

I like watching animal planet and most of all the national geographic wild special program on cable everyday. I am fascinated watching wild animals caught on camera and how they live and their habitat. I could see the beauty of wildlife camera traps in every episode they feature on television. It is so interesting and I am always entertained at night when I get home from work.