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Sweet Red Wine

Me and my sister tasted different kinds of red wine in S & R store.  I drank the sweet one that I decided to buy it for my wedding offertory in the church.  It’s a bit pricey but worth it as its imported and taste yummy.  I still need to buy more fresh fruits and fresh eggs as part of offering  in kind in the church on my wedding day.

S & R Membership

Yesterday, the agent of S & R went to our office to get the form that I filled up for membership.  My membership was gold and primary while my sister was secondary.  I purposely include my sister so that she could bring my family members in case I won’t join them on their shopping. We got the membership card today with our picture on the card.  We availed our 200 pesos gift check on our pizza and soda purchase.  We ordered one whole pizza New York Style with two extra large sodas for our lunch with free 1.5 liter of coke.  We were so full of sharing three big slices of pizza and we brought five slices of pizza at home for mama and my brother.  My sister was pleased with the imported good that was displayed in the store.  We went home happy and satisfied.

Friend’s Request

My ex-boss is requesting me to sell her goods such as European chocolates and American luncheon meat.  I was shocked as it was delivered to our office right away.  She gave me consignment term and 30 days for the sold items.  Thankfully my friends at work bought me chocolates and luncheon meat as I gave them 30 days term too.  They enjoyed getting lots of chocolates and luncheon meats at 80% discount.  So far, out of 95 pieces of bar chocolates, only 5 pieces left and luncheon meats are all sold.  Now my problem is the collectibles, I just hope and pray that they will pay me on the day of the due date.

Food Taste

I attended a food tasting in the hotel where my wedding reception would be held.  The banquet sales was calling me on the phone reminding me of the time of the food taste.   I arrived in the hotel at 11 am and waited for my sister and Joyce to arrive.  When they arrived, we proceeded to the accounting office of the hotel.  We followed the in-charge at the third floor of the hotel for food tasting.  The waiter was serving us the cold menu such as chicken roll with prunes and chipolata, barbecued spiced pork loin with dried fruit chutney, seafood seviche with mango and avocado.  From salads, they were serving two kinds such as nicoise salad with blackened seared tuna and mediterranean lentil salad with smoked chicken and feta cheese.  From soup they were serving minestrone soup with pasta, beans, vegetables and pesto croutons.  Next batch was the hot dishes or main course such as cajun fried fish with diced shrimps in creole sauce, chicken parmigiana with buttered green asparagus in sun-dried tomato sauce, pork ragout with capsicums, liver mousse and spanish chorizo, tagliateele pasta with anchovy, red pepper flakes, parmesan regiano and fresh basil and the last dish was bouquetiere of market fresh vegetables and steam rice.  Here comes the desserts such as seasonal fresh fruits, chocolate caramel mousse cake, raspberry swiss roll and baked mango crepes with cointreau sauce with a glass of ice tea.  All in all the food were so yummy and we were so full and satisfied.  I signed the contract for the wedding reception and return to office happy and grateful.

Meeting With The Emcee

My wedding planner texted me to meet the emcee at 11 am in the office.  I asked about his wedding program.  He said it would be nice if the couple and the entourage will have dance party when entering the ballroom.  He suggested to have money dance and my last dance with my uncle or my brother.  But I don’t like the idea as I don’t want to cry on my wedding day.   I told Petie about his program but he didn’t like the idea of party dancing and money dance as its cheap and we don’t know how to dance.  The following day, I texted my planner to omit the emcee’s suggestion to make the program in proper order and successful.

Luggage Cart

Yesterday, I was in the mall to look for luggage cart that I could use for my trip to Malaysia.  I saw the luggage that I like so much.  They have the deal if you use purchase a minimum of eight thousand pesos using credit card you will be given 30% discount.  But I already cut my credit card so I ask my brother if he could swipe me a luggage cart today.  He said yes without hesitation and after work we met in the mall to buy it.  The luggage has a name of different places and I like the design as its colorful.  I also bought luggage cover for my luggage protection.  I am ready to travel anywhere as I have the luggage that I like so much.

Wedding Reception Payment

This afternoon, I went to Marco Polo Hotel to pay for my wedding reception.  I already talk to the banquet sales regarding the contract and the food tasting schedule.  I inquired the room rates for spectacular room for my entourage and spectacular twin bed for my family.  While waiting to my wedding planner, I went to money changer to change my Dirham money and mailed my wedding invitation to my friend Arlene in Singapore.  So far, my transaction for the day was done and finished.

Friend’s Request

My friend Arlene from Singapore is asking me to send her an invitation for my upcoming wedding so that she could ask permission from her boss to go home to attend my wedding.  I asked for her Singapore address so that I could send our invitation to her this week and hopefully she will get it next week.  My wedding invitation has already done but I still need to print the envelope tomorrow.  Hopefully I will distribute the invitation to my guests this week.

These Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

My brother-in-law has a small workshop at home and he does all his home improvement and maintenance projects himself.  He recently decided that he was going to build some storage cupboards for his materials and tools and due to the weight and volume of some of his tools, he decided he needed to use these heavy duty drawer slides for the drawers that he was going to require. The drawers he now used has open and close easily despite the weight contained in it.

New Reading Glass

I was in the mall yesterday to look for jewelry accessory for my mother on my upcoming wedding.  But its too expensive for one use that I decided not to buy it.  Anyway, mama has real jewelry that she could use on the big event.  I ended up looking for reading glasses that I could use everyday.  It has a frame and very trendy as the color is red and perfect fitting on my eyes.