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Thank you

Just happy today because we have patient who gave me Christmas cash gift. I was shocked when he asked permission from my boss if its okey that he will gave me cash gift. My boss saw it and said sure. I was happy as I will add this gift to our Christmas party on sunday in Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant. I am thankful to this patient who is thought and value my service.

High School Reunion

Yesterday, I attended a High School Reunion that was held in Vikings SM Lanang.  My classmates who came were me, Jeanette, Meraflor, Jocelyn G, Jocelyn Y, Ruby, Rochelle, Cleo, Armidelle, Berlie, Rito, Jerome, Vergencita, our teacher Mr. Rogelio Encinares and Loreto from Australia who sponsored for our dinner buffet. He gave us a big bar of cadburry chocolates and baseball cup to our male classmates. We ate like a king as there were lots of food served. We chatted so much updating each other’s lives, taking pictures and videos. In our group we had 3 birthday celebrants namely Jerome, Berlie and Jocelyn Yuson, so in our bill we availed free of 3 persons. We discussed for our grand alumni reunion on the 27th of this month.
Each of us were collected money for the food and program. But I won’t attend in our hometown as I will be away for a vacation. After our dinner we went clubbing at a place near Marco Polo for videoke and beers. We finished at 1 am as the club closed at that time. I arrived at 2 am in the house. It’s nice to bond with my classmates again, thanks to my classmate Loreto for a great treat. May God bless you a thousand folds.


One of the most famous if not the most famous names in guitars is Fender. However, Fender also owns a manufacturer called Squier which shares the expertise of the Fender name but sells at a lower price. My friend plays the guitar and owns a Fender and his younger brother is just learning. His brother wanted to learn on his Fender, but instead, he told him to spend the money he has saved from his allowance on He is now learning to play but and is happy with his instrument but still wants to have a Fender one day.

Face Toner

I bought face toner for my face from human nature. It’s an organic product that my friend recommended me to buy. When I saw in Robinson’s Mall, I let Petie paid for it. This is my regimen every morning before I go to work by applying face toner followed by sunblock. This face toner has no harmful chemicals and it has tomato extract. It feels fresh, soft and smooth on my skin every time I applied on my face.

Pet Halloween Costumes

Halloween is such fun especially for the kids.  In our house we all love to join in, adults and kids alike and this year even our dog and cat did.  We had great fun choosing an outfit from pet halloween costumes. Our dog and cat looked so cute, we all loved them so much and they adored the extra attention they got from everyone.

Afternoon Tea In Starbucks

Me and Petie had afternoon tea at Starbucks in SM Premier Lanang.  We ordered english breakfast tea for two with honey and a big chocolate cookie.  It was a good feeling drinking tea and munching my favorite cookie.  I feel like I’m an english girl too drinking tea.  We were entertained by the giant christmas tree of the mall.  We had few pictures before leaving the mall.  Thanks so much for the treat, it was so relaxing drinking tea in starbucks.

Petie’s Arrival

I prepared myself to go to Waterfront Insular hotel for the coming of Petie.  Unfortunately, I was left by the people in-charge of collecting him in the airport.  Thankfully, there was a guest who would collect her friends in the airport at the same time of Petie’s flight.  The concierge arranged me to join with her to collect our respective guests.  We arrived at 5 pm but the plane didn’t arrive on time, they have delayed flight for more than an hour.  My waiting period was not that boring because I was happy and longing to see him again.  I am thankful and blessed that he was not tired of visiting me again.

Hair Comb

Yesterday me and lydia was at Fabrica Sales Store to look for something that we could buy. My friend bought anti-fall hair comb. It’s a big comb, anti-static and better combing effect. I bought 2 pieces one for ate and for me, the color is blue and pink. My old comb would fall my hair every time I comb my hair. Lydia advice me to buy bigger strand comb to avoid hair fall. I can comb my hair anytime I want now as I won’t be scared of falling my hair.

Bonding With Friends

We are half day today at work, my friends Joyce and Lydia visited me in the office. I just waited for the patient to pay when thankfully we have another new patient came in. My boss gave me money to pay for our clinic rental. I asked them to accompany me to the cashier to pay for our back dues. Hopefully God will provide for the remaining balance of our clinic rental soon. I treat my friends to greenwich pizza for our late snack. We ordered thin crust pizza and soft drinks. We enjoyed munching pizza while chatting on this halloween day. Happy Halloween everyone.

Anticipated Mass

I just got home attending an anticipated mass in St. Jude Church.  I am thankful that my friend Lydia joined me to hear mass.  I almost didn’t hear mass as Kaka invited us to visit Michelle but I insisted to hear mass today as tomorrow is quiet and lazy day for us.   We were surprised the officiating priest was a bishop.  We wondered why it was him but thankful and it was rare for us to hear mass with a bishop.  I was thankful I was able to hear mass again with my friend Lydia.