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Aquamarine Pedicure

My Manicurista texted me if I need a pedicure service today.  It was timing I just returned to office from errands.  It’s nice to relax while having a pedicure service.  I need pedicure as my toe nails are dried and the polish are chipped already.  Plus I will attend a dedication of my friend’s son this coming sunday.  I want to look good on that day as I was chosen as one of godmothers of her son and my blouse is aquamarine,  the same color of my pedicure.

Patient’s Operation Schedule

My boss texted me to schedule the operation of our patient tomorrow in Brokenshire Hospital. I just replied okey on him but I forgot to call the hospital.  I only remember when me and my friend were talking about my boss until I remember that he requested me to call for the schedule.  Unfortunately, when I called the hospital the phone was very busy, all the telephone numbers that I called were busy.  What I did was to go to the hospital and have it scheduled there to make sure that I won’t be scolded tomorrow.  It was hassle for me to go but I have to do it as its out patient’s operation schedule.

Lingerie Orders

I am happy I have 3 pieces orders of brassieres from a doctor customer. She ordered two pieces of black and one piece brown brassieres for herself and for her mom. She also ordered one boy leg undies for herself. The price that she ordered was a bit expensive as its branded lingerie. She likes the brassieres as it provides full coverage of the chest and beautifully complements sheer tops of plunging necklines. I am thankful I have lots of orders this month of January and looking forward for more sales in the coming days.

Full Extension Drawer Slide

We had an extension done recently to our kitchen and my Mom really wanted some more storage space. My brother contacted a local carpenter who built some drawers for him and he recommended we use a full extension drawer slide so that we could open the drawers really easily and smoothly. We agreed and we are so pleased that we took his advice, even the most heavily laden drawer is so easy to open.

Grocery At SM Mall Makati

Me and Petie had grocery in SM Makati to buy some drinks, fruits, potato chips and a box of tin can Victoria biscuits as my present to my family back home.  The biscuits has a selection of milk, dark and white chocolate.  The biscuits has 12 varieties of luxurious chocolate biscuits such as cream crumble, finger cookie, chip cookie, shortcake, cream wafer, choc crumble, crispy biscuit finger, fully coated milk chocolate square, coated digestive cloverleaf, plain chocolate finger cookie and milk chocolate wheel shape biscuits.  My family enjoyed munching this special biscuits that Petie bought for us.  A big thanks to Petie, your gift is very much appreciated.

Friend’s Request

My friend Norma from Canada sent me money for the payment of her son’s internet bill monthly.  I already paid the internet bill of her son for this month of January.  She also requested me to give money to her student who sent her to school to pay for her tuition fees. Her student texted me that she already received the money that I sent to her yesterday.

SM Advantage Card

I just renewed my SM advantage card in SM Premier Lanang after work. Though my card will expire on 31st of this month but I decided to renew today. I got the chance to have a free ride from my friend Ate Del as they will go to SM Mall for grocery. I was so hungry, I bought a slice of pizza and tuna burger. I paid one hundred pesos for my advantage card. Thankful as I already renewed my card at a free ride.

Dinner Buffet @ Holiday Inn

I had dinner with Petie in Holiday Inn & Suites Makati last night before new year’s eve to be safe instead of going out.  We checked the food first before we decided to have dinner.  We had smoked salmon salad, fish, potato, sushi, seafood pasta cook fresh and a lot more.  We ordered one bottle of chardonnay as our drink.  We were given 20% discount on our wine.  I got so many likes on facebook when I posted that I had dinner buffet in Holiday Inn.  We finished our dinner past 11 o’clock in the evening.  We were so full but we have to wait for new year’s eve.  I had a fantastic night celebrating new year with my fiance.

Executive Lounge In Manila

When we were back to Manila from our vacation in Hongkong, we stayed in Holiday Inn & Suites Makati.  Petie availed of an executive lounge in the hotel for us to have coffee, tea, snacks, bar and late night drinks.  No need for us to go outside and we are safe to stay in the hotel.  We only go out during dinner but the restaurant that we were going to was just beside the hotel.  We enjoyed their food and drinks while staying in Manila for 3 days.

My flight Back To Manila

Our flight back to Manila via Philippine Airlines was at 11:05 in the morning.  We woke up at 7 o’clock in morning for our early breakfast in the executive lounge of Holiday Inn Golden Mile.  The staff there was shocked but we said we will be leaving today.  We had a nice breakfast as usual and check out early, we request for a taxi going to Hongkong International Airport.  We left at 8 o’clock in the morning and before we rode to our taxi, I let Petie to take me a picture in the Holiday Inn Golden Mile Logo of the hotel as a remembrance that I stayed there.  I arrived in the airport at 9 o’clock and we validate our plane ticket.  All our waters we brought will be thrown before riding a train so we drank all our drinks.  Then we rode a train going to the lobby of Philippine Airlines.  It was nice in abroad airport as they have free wifi.  We left Hongkong lunch time.  Petie’s meal was steamed veggies with prawns, rice, fresh pineapple fruit, soft drink and water while my meal was steamed veggies with chicken, rice, mango float, orange drink and water.  We had safe and nice flight back to Manila.