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Lingerie On Sale

Last March, there were a lot of sale for Wacoal lingerie.  I sold four pairs of Wacoal lingerie for my customers.  I bought two pieces of hipster undies colored pink and blue.  I also bought skin tone long girdle out of my profit.  I like the items that I bought because it perfectly fits on me, very comfortable and the long girdle is very useful when wearing dress.  I saved 65% of the three items that I bought.

Wildlife Camera Traps

I like watching animal planet and most of all the national geographic wild special program on cable everyday. I am fascinated watching wild animals caught on camera and how they live and their habitat. I could see the beauty of wildlife camera traps in every episode they feature on television. It is so interesting and I am always entertained at night when I get home from work.

Anticipated Mass

I just got home from hearing anticipated mass in St. Jude Church.  I was alone because Lydia wants to bond with her daughter.  But we were together window shopping before going to church.  As usual the church was not full and I like it as its not crowded.  The mass finished at 7 pm and went home.  I like hearing mass because I believe the blessing of the Lord comes through for me and my family.

Levis Jean’s Gift

BA bought me a pair of levi’s jeans in USA when he was on a business trip last January. When he visited me last week, he brought me the jeans as a gift. I like the jeans so much because it is stretchable, blue denim and skinny style. It perfectly fits on me with a waistline of 27 inches. We immediately shortened the jeans at the tailoring and worn it the following day. Thank you so much for this gift, I truly appreciate it.


I really love to go out sometimes to a club, be with friends, listen to good music and dance. There is nothing like going to a club where there is also a great atmosphere, and one of the things that really makes the atmosphere at a club is great lighting which gets the mood of the music. Last weekend, I went to a club where a friend knows the DJ. We went on stage with him for a while and it was a great experience, especially when he showed us the equipment he uses. For the lighting, the club uses chauvet. We told him that we love the effects and he agreed.

Afternoon Tea

Every afternoon, we had tea for our snacks with cookies but we tried once for their cake of the month.  We ordered tea for two and strawberry sensation cake at Pizzaiolo.  The cake is layered with strawberry flavored sponge mousse cake filled and topped with strawberry compote of puffy cakes a bit pricey per solo cake.  It was a nice try once in a while eating an expensive cake.  I like the taste as strawberry is my favorite and not so sweet.  Thanks for the treat BA I like it so much.

Sofa Cushions

We have a rather old sofa at home, but even though it is old, it was an expensive purchase and of very good quality. Rather than buy a new sofa, a friend recommended we try of sofa cushions  as she had bought from there and was very pleased.  She invited us to see her purchase, and we liked it so much that we followed her advice.  The quality of the cushions was so good it matched the original quality of the sofa, and we now have many years of life ahead from our ‘new’ sofa.

Water Bill Payment

This morning before I go to work, I drop first at Water District to pay our water bill.  I paid it in advance because I would be very busy next week.  After paying my bill they gave me a big calendar but late already.  Usually, they gave calendar on the first week of January but I don’t know it was late now.  I already have calendars at home and in the office so I gave the calendar to my Manicurista as she doesn’t have a big calendar.  She was happy to receive the calendar that I gave her.

Excellent Plastic Trombone At WWBW

I watched my nephew being part of the drama play at school the other day.  This was part of their program for nutrition day.  His role was to play trombone every time there was role call in the program.  He was very good playing at it.  The sound texture on that plastic trombone was so mellow.  No wonder his mother bought excellent plastic trombone at wwbw. The sounds really good much better than I expected.

Magic Pink Cream

I was visited my friend’s store that was just opened in Claveria. I bought her the magic pink cream for blush-on. She demonstrate it first for me before I bought. She just applied the cream to her cheeks and in just a minute she had a rosy pink blush on. It looks good on her as it blended right away. I am now using it sometimes when I go to work.