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New Pedicure

My toenails are not presentable anymore that I decided to have pedicure service.  Timing, my Manicurista visited me in the office and have a new pedicure.  From yellow polish to pink flamingo this time.  I love the color always as pink is one of my favorite color.  Thankful as my manicurista is always visible whenever I need pedicure badly.

Petie’s Arrival

Last March 29th, me and Arlene was in the airport waiting for the arrival of Petie who travelled from Dubai to Manila and Davao.  This was his 10th visit to my place and I was glad he never stops visiting me.  Arlene who just arrived from Singapore yesterday for a vacation and excited to meet my fiance for the first time in the airport.  Petie just arrived on time and we took a taxi going to Waterfront Insular Hotel.  I helped Petie unpacked his things, gave me his presents and Arlene.  We’re both happy seeing Petie and thankful for his visit again.

PS120 Power Pack

In recording businesses, it is extremely useful to have on time input from a number of performers so that all the inputs can be mixed to produce the best possible audio sound. The Aviom Pro 19 System is used worldwide including in our local recording studios. However, in order to ensure the integrity of the system, it is necessary to ps120 power pack so that the system can function whatever the circumstances.

Swimming In Aquarius Pool

After napping we had swim in the 10 feet Aquarius pool of Waterfront Insular Hotel.  I wore my red swimsuit with a skirt to cover up my butt and front.  Petie had his goggles while swimming.  We swam for 2 hours.  I enjoyed swimming as I missed swimming for many months already.  Petie almost lost his goggles when we got up from swimming.  Good thing a filipino guy has goggles, he borrowed to find his goggles that was dropped in the pool.  Thankfully he found it.

Dinner At Marina Tuna

We finally had dinner at Marina Tuna Restaurant at Sky Garden of SM Premier Lanang as we missed to have dinner yesterday.  We finished drinking at the Valhall’s Bar early to catch up Marina Tuna Restaurant.  We ordered garlic rice, chili Bicol Express with tuna, tuna soup, soft drinks and beers.  The food was yummy and very healthy as its all fish and vegetables.

Breakfast in Cafe Uno

Breakfast in Cafe Uno of Waterfront Insular Hotel.  We had cereal with cold milk, Petie brought a bran to add our cereal.  I had garlic rice, fish sausage, fried banana, stir fried noodles, chicken adobo, bacon, lettuce salad, sunny side up egg, orange juice and coffee.  The food was yummy, the staff are friendly and good ambiance.  Thanks Petie for a great breakfast.

Necklace Gift

After we unpacked the clothes of Petie in Waterfront Insular Hotel, he gave me presents that he brought in Dubai and so with Arlene.  He gave me a necklace that he bought in a significant place a Sandgate Whitby North Yorks near his place.  The necklace is made of white silver with a special black pendant.  Petie put the necklace on my neck and am so proud and happy he gave me a special necklace that came from his place.  He said the queen made the necklace famous in Whitby as the queen wears it.  Thanks to Petie for this special gift.

Goodbye To Our Dear Sweet Baby

Today is the sad day for us as its our little baby Korina Irene’s funeral day.  So sad and painful she died on the day she was born last 13th of March 2015.  She died due to cord prolapsed, we never expected that this could be happening to her as the whole family was excited and waited for her arrival.  Whatever God’s plan for the parents and the whole family,  I hope and pray that God would help us ease our pain and accept the truth that our baby is now in heaven together with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Goodbye to our sweet angel.  You will never be forgotten and forever be missed.

78th Araw ng Davao

We are half day at work today as we celebrate the 78th day of Davao City.  I thought the bank is open to send money to my friend’s son.  We don’t have patient at all so I just stayed in the office doing nothing.  I waited for my friend to be finished in the other clinic as we agreed to have lunch together.  We had nap first in the office as I was tired and sad crying for the demise of my niece.  So sad but I have to accept it that she was not part of this world.  We went to the mall after to check on the sale we didn’t like anything.  I just bought a buy one take one soft drink and we went home.

Pagibig Contribution Payment

During my break time I went to Pagibig Office to pay for my quarterly contribution of my Pagibig benefit.  My boss gave the payment today so I paid it today.  I paid my benefit for the month of April, May and June 2015.  The queue was not too long as I went to the other branch of Pagibig office and return at work on time.