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Opening Of Wedding Gifts

Yesterday, I was very busy opening of gifts that our guests gifted us on our wedding day.  This is my second time opening their gifts since I was very busy during our honeymoon and work afterwards.  The first time I opened the gifts was when my friend Rochelle asked me if I like her gifts so I was forced to open her gifts for asking me.  She gave me corningware dinner plates, cereal bowls, bread and butter plates, spoons, forks, tablespoons and knives.  I was surprised as she gave me the gifts that I suggested to her as she was asking me what I like many times.

Yesterday, I was opening the remaining gifts as I was so curious what were their gifts all about.  I got dinner plates, drinking glass, bowl with ladle, glass wine, pressure cooker, oven turbo, fruit tray , placemats, doormat, photo frames, photo albums, book about marriage, cooking book, lingerie, nightie with robe, white towel, bible, pyrex pie plate, pyrex 4 liters casserole with glass cover, pyrex 6 piece rectangular storage set with plastic covers, cups, saucers, queen size comforter, vision sauce pan, vision cook pot and cash gifts.  I immediately wrap it again including the ribbons to avoid the dust and to make it new as always.  Thanks to my friends and relatives who came to our wedding and for bringing gifts on our wedding day.  To God be the glory.

Ipad Cover

My friend had an ipad cover that is so soft and lightweight so I asked where she bought it as I want to change my heavy duty cover that I was using for a long time.  When I was in the mall this afternoon, I saw a store that sells ipad cover.  I immediately bought one colored fuschia and has a reversible side which is colored light blue.  A bit pricey but I need to change my old cover to carry a light ipad in my bag everyday.

Request For School Papers

I went to my school this afternoon to request for school papers such as transcript of records and authentication of my diploma.  I also request for authentication and verification (CAV) of my school documents from commission on higher education.  Hopefully I will get the papers next friday as he gave me six working days to get it.  I requested for these papers as hopefully I will be leaving for abroad soon.  Whenever I decided to work abroad, I already have the papers to submit.

SSS Payment

I woke up early in the morning to pay my sss retirement benefit including my boss and my sister.  Though my boss has not given me the payment but I have to pay with my own money first just to complete my sss benefit for the month of December 2015.  Hopefully I will get the reimbursement payment the soonest.  Thankful as I completed the payment of my sss retirement benefit for the whole year of 2015.

Lock For My Luggage

I bought a new lock for my another luggage that I will bring to my Christmas vacation in Singapore.  I did have lock before but I lost it and I don’t know where it is now.  The queue was very long but I need a new lock for my luggage and good thing I remember to buy it.  I am getting ready for my trip to Manila and my trip to Singapore after Christmas.  I hope and pray to have a safe flight to Petie and me.

Staff Christmas Party

The staff of 7th floor decided to have Christmas Party in Vikings, a luxury buffet restaurant.  Very few people attended the party as the rest had other appointments to attend to.  Lydia and her daughter attended the party, her daughter was celebrating her birthday for free by bring her birth certificate and identification card.  We enjoyed the party, the restaurants were so full as its family day.  We went home shopping and so full.  Happy Christmas everyone.

Congas For Sale

I recently visited my nephew in his house where they had a band playing from school. There was a guy playing keyboards, a guitarist and also two girls singing.  He told me that there are congas for sale in the store and and he is asking one as my Christmas gift for him. The next day we went to the store together and I bought him one conga for them to use in the band.  He said they don’t have drummer in the band but the percussion the two girls were providing just playing these drums with their hands was more than enough and it sounded really great.

Percentage Tax Payment

Last night, I reminded our accountant for percentage tax payment.  And this morning, he waited for me in the entrance of our village to deliver the payment form.  I went to the bank to pay the tax.  I will reimburse the payment to my boss hopefully if he comes on monday.  Thankful as I am updated on paying the percentage tax.

Bank’s Gift

I withdrawn cash in the bank this afternoon for my brother’s needs.  After my transaction, the teller was giving me Christmas gifts which is a big calendar and two pieces of shopping bags that has a big logo of the bank colored teal blue.  I was an old depositor in this bank but I never get any token or a small gift from them.  Thankful as the new teller was giving me a gift and value me as a client.

Christmas Gifts

My ex-boss phoned last Saturday telling me that I had a share of Christmas gifts that she gave to my co-employees.  They had dinner but I wasn’t inform as I mobile number was not in used anymore.  She told me to get my gifts to my co-employee’s house.   After work, I went to her house to get my share which is a kilo of seedless grapes, 3 pieces of bar chocolates and cola candies.  I was so touched as my ex-boss didn’t forget me when she shared her blessings to my co-employees.  Thank you Madam for your advance Christmas gifts that I never expected.