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Anticipated Mass

I just got home attending an anticipated mass in St. Jude Church.  I am thankful that my friend Lydia joined me to hear mass.  I almost didn’t hear mass as Kaka invited us to visit Michelle but I insisted to hear mass today as tomorrow is quiet and lazy day for us.   We were surprised the officiating priest was a bishop.  We wondered why it was him but thankful and it was rare for us to hear mass with a bishop.  I was thankful I was able to hear mass again with my friend Lydia.

Joyce’s Birthday

Last week was the birthday of my friend Joyce.  Me and Lydia invited us for a dinner at a buffet restaurant nearby.   We had early dinner as we want to eat fresh hot foods plus we’re hungry.  There were lots of customers eating in the restaurant all the chairs and tables were occupied including the second floor.  There were lots of foods served from seafood, chicken, pancit, chopsuey, desserts and vegetable salad.  We went home full and enjoyed her birthday.

Limited Availability

My brother likes to play his guitar and he plays in a band. At home, he often uses an acoustic guitar to practice, even though he normally uses an electric guitar in his performances. He recently browse guitars online and was advised that there was Limited availability and that he should buy immediately. He was unsure but liked the guitar and bought it. He was so pleased that he did and he is delighted with the high quality of the guitar but also friendly to his pocket. I like to hear him play this guitar.

Purple Eco Bottle

I bought purple eco bottle, a tupperware brand because the container is so cute and penguin shape.  Though the content is just 350 ml but I like it as its handy.  This would be my addition to my water bottle container.  I already have 1.5 liter colored orange, 1 liter colored green and the latest is 350 ml colored purple.  I like this brand as it is made of safe, non-toxic material, safe for reuse, tight screw on cap that prevents leaks and it has sipper cap for easy opening and for hygienic purposes.


It was my friend’s birthday last month and all us classmates went out two nights of the weekend to celebrate. On the second night we went to a favorite club of ours. We noticed that the lighting was completely different. We were really impressed by the fantastic atmosphere generated not only by the music but by the venuemagic which had been installed since our last time there. We had a fantastic time and our friend said she had the most memorable birthday.

SSS Payment

Before I go to work today, I drop first to sss office to pay our company’s sss retirement benefit. I decided to pay in advance as there are few people paying on the first week of this month.  I was right, I just waited for 5 minutes only.  My transaction was very fast I ask for the payment forms for the next payment including maternity leave form to file for my sister who will gave birth next year.

Premium Ground Coffee

My boss had a package that was given to him by his friend from Canada.  When he opened the package today, the content inside were a lot of ground coffees, herbal teas and t-shirt.  He gave me one pack of ground coffee.  He wanted to give me another pack but I was shy and chose one pack only.  It’s an imported coffee from Colombia that I would try to drink tomorrow. Thanks to my boss who shared his blessings to me.

Anticipated Mass

I just heard an anticipated mass alone because my friend Lydia was attending an Arnis Tournament (martial arts) of her daughter.  I was bored during the homily of the priest as I don’t understand what he was trying to say.  Thankfully I was able to hear mass alone as I don’t want to come on sunday for the mass.  I went home straight as I already bought what I needed before going to mass.

High School Reunion In Vikings

Last August 16th Saturday was our High School Reunion that was held in Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant in SM Lanang Premier.  Our classmate Glory Fe from Canada was the one who paid for our luxury treat.  All of my classmates that I invited were present as they don’t want to missed the luxury treat and some of them were their first time to dine in Vikings.  My classmates who attended were Glory Fe the sponsor, Mary Rose, Armidelle, Berlie, Jocelyn, Vergencita, Jeanette, Meraflor, Cleo, Ruby, Ruby’s sister, Rito, Jerome, Jamel, Glory Fe’s two Cousins, and me.  We were 17 persons who dine in Vikings with free three persons because the cousin of Glo was celebrating her birthday and we were more than 12 persons so we availed of free 2 persons.  Some of my classmates arrived at 5:30 pm and they already started eating.  I arrived at 6 pm and we finished at the time the restaurant closed.  We ate like a king because all the international foods were served from japanese, korean, filipino, mexican, european and american foods.  Different flavors of drinks were served, draft beers were unlimited.  They also served red and white wine but you have to pay as its not included in the buffet.  We were so happy and full as we ate the most expensive food and desserts that they served.  She brought us presents but to few special classmates only.  Thanks to my classmate Glory Fe for a luxury treat and presents.  You are so generous to us, I hope you will be rewarded a thousand folds.

These Sofa Cushions

We all have our favorite chairs and sofas we love to sit in and they become part of our life. We have had our living room furniture for a number of years, but recently, we noticed that the cushions were wearing so much that we had to do something. We were looking around stores to see what was available but we saw nothing which we liked better than our good old trusted furniture. Then a friend suggested we replace the cushions on our chairs and sofas. We found these sofa cushions and had cushions supplied which perfectly matched our existing furniture. We were so happy with the renewed support and comfort that we now have, plus we have our beloved seats still.