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Meeting With The Emcee

My wedding planner texted me to meet the emcee at 11 am in the office.  I asked about his wedding program.  He said it would be nice if the couple and the entourage will have dance party when entering the ballroom.  He suggested to have money dance and my last dance with my uncle or my brother.  But I don’t like the idea as I don’t want to cry on my wedding day.   I told Petie about his program but he didn’t like the idea of party dancing and money dance as its cheap and we don’t know how to dance.  The following day, I texted my planner to omit the emcee’s suggestion to make the program in proper order and successful.

Luggage Cart

Yesterday, I was in the mall to look for luggage cart that I could use for my trip to Malaysia.  I saw the luggage that I like so much.  They have the deal if you use purchase a minimum of eight thousand pesos using credit card you will be given 30% discount.  But I already cut my credit card so I ask my brother if he could swipe me a luggage cart today.  He said yes without hesitation and after work we met in the mall to buy it.  The luggage has a name of different places and I like the design as its colorful.  I also bought luggage cover for my luggage protection.  I am ready to travel anywhere as I have the luggage that I like so much.

Wedding Reception Payment

This afternoon, I went to Marco Polo Hotel to pay for my wedding reception.  I already talk to the banquet sales regarding the contract and the food tasting schedule.  I inquired the room rates for spectacular room for my entourage and spectacular twin bed for my family.  While waiting to my wedding planner, I went to money changer to change my Dirham money and mailed my wedding invitation to my friend Arlene in Singapore.  So far, my transaction for the day was done and finished.

Friend’s Request

My friend Arlene from Singapore is asking me to send her an invitation for my upcoming wedding so that she could ask permission from her boss to go home to attend my wedding.  I asked for her Singapore address so that I could send our invitation to her this week and hopefully she will get it next week.  My wedding invitation has already done but I still need to print the envelope tomorrow.  Hopefully I will distribute the invitation to my guests this week.

These Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

My brother-in-law has a small workshop at home and he does all his home improvement and maintenance projects himself.  He recently decided that he was going to build some storage cupboards for his materials and tools and due to the weight and volume of some of his tools, he decided he needed to use these heavy duty drawer slides for the drawers that he was going to require. The drawers he now used has open and close easily despite the weight contained in it.

New Reading Glass

I was in the mall yesterday to look for jewelry accessory for my mother on my upcoming wedding.  But its too expensive for one use that I decided not to buy it.  Anyway, mama has real jewelry that she could use on the big event.  I ended up looking for reading glasses that I could use everyday.  It has a frame and very trendy as the color is red and perfect fitting on my eyes.

Gown Rental

I was not contented with the formal champagne dress that I bought for mama that I tried to look at the bridal boutique this morning.  I found two brand  new gowns that I thought its perfect for mama.  When I got to the office I phone mama asking her if she could come at 1 pm for the fitting of the gown that I like.  Thankfully, she cooperated and went to the boutique that we agreed.  She fit the gown, she likes the design which is long tank beaded dress with 3/4 lace sleeve bolero jacket, back zip and the color is champagne.  She was measured as it needs for alteration so that it would fit on her perfectly.  I already paid for the gown rental and expected to the get it two days before my wedding day.

Podium Mic Stand

My friend plays guitar in a hotel 3 nights a week – he does some backing singing along with the singer who is a girl with a really beautiful voice. Recently, he was having problem with his microphone stand when he was singing as it was not stable and he needed both hands to play the guitar. He decided to buy a podium mic stand and he is now able to sing and play the guitar with no problems.

Friend’s Request

I was requested by my friend to buy a birthday cake for her mother and will be refunded when she comes home soon.  I ordered a two layer chocolate cake with a dedication of Happy Birthday.  She sent money too to buy some food and a cake to celebrate the birthday of her mother.  She even want me to buy a dress for her mother but I suggested that she will be the one to buy as I am not sure the size of her mother.  How thoughtful she was that she surprised her mother on her birthday.

SSS Payment

Today, I paid our retirement benefit as its saturday and the office is not busy at all.  When you get to their office you can pay it right away without queuing anymore.  I just borrowed the money from my savings and I will reimburse the refund to my boss on monday.  Just happy as my transaction was very smooth and our benefits are updated monthly.