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My Boss’ Champagne Dress

During clinic hour, me and the wife of my boss discuss about the clothes to wear on my upcoming wedding.  Until my boss decided to buy it today with me as companion.  So after  the clinic, I joined with them in Gaisano Mall to look for champagne formal dress.  I found a nice dress with beaded design.  The price is so friendly to our pocket that we didn’t choose any other dress than the first choice.  The dress size is medium and its the last piece available.  The dress is made of blouse and long skirt with lacey sleeves.  So far, my principal sponsors are cooperating with me with the clothes that they should wear on our upcoming wedding.

Pink Blouse

I bought a nice blouse that was on sale at 10% in Gaisano Grand Mall.  I like the design as it perfectly fits on me and the color is pink and fushcia with lots of flowers.  I also bought leggings that has UK flag print.  Though it has no discount but the price is very friendly to my pocket.  I already wash it as I will wear tomorrow at work.

Partial Payment For The Gown

Yesterday was my wedding gown measurement including my entourage for my wedding.  And today my  wedding planner texted me about the partial payment of my wedding gown.  Good thing I still have money left from Petie’s budget for the wedding.  I withdrawn the money and gave it to her during lunch time so that the dressmaker can start looking for the materials of my wedding gown.  I hope and pray that they can find the best materials and laces for my wedding gown.

Chocolate Gift

Our patient gave me ferrero rocher and a bar of snickers as their gift for requesting me an admitting slip of their daughter.  Their daughter will have operation soon in the hospital perform by my boss.  As token, they gave me chocolates.  Thanks to the patient who appreciated my concern and service.

Pagibig Contribution Payment

During lunch time I went to Pagibig Office to pay in advance of my benefit for the month of October, November and December 2015.  I paid in advance so that I won’t be rushing during my wedding day.  I will just reimbursed my boss when he comes to office.  This benefit is for me avail of house loan if I want to get a house in the future and when I retire I will have savings for my future.

White Dangling Earrings

After lunch I went to Aldevinco Shopping Center to look for white dangling earrings as my accessory on my wedding day.  I bought white Chanel that has CC logo with baby south pearl drop ball earrings.  I have this design on my online business but I couldn’t buy earrings alone as it was sold as set such as pendant, earrings and ring.  The price is so expensive too so I decided to buy a replicate one.  The design is almost the same as the original and the price is very friendly to my pocket.  Anyway, I will just use this earrings on my wedding day to make me look presentable and elegant.

Black Suit

Me and Petie was in SM Lanang Premier to buy some food since it was sale for 3 days.  We went to the men’s department to look for barong but I don’t like him to wear barong as we already agreed that he will wear black suit on our wedding day.  We saw a black suit and try to fit it until we ended up buying it.  We bought black suit and black trousers without white shirt as he has a lot of it back home.  The price was very affordable, it was marked down at 10% and fits on him nicely.  We bought it and he left the suit with me for our wedding soon.  Thankful as he has suit that is appropriate for the wedding.

Lacoste Large Shopping Bag

I got the notice from Post Office about the Lacoste bag that my friend Arlene sent me.  The following day, I claimed the bag together with Petie from Post Office.  It was wrapped in a big box.  The bag is mark down at 20% in Singapore that’s why I decided to let her buy one for me. I like this kind of bag as its very durable, lightweight.  The color is marine blue and very spacious inside.  It is ideal for travelling as you can put so many things on it.  Thanks to my friend Arlene who always offered me to buy sale items in Singapore and pay it later when she comes home during her vacation.

What Headphones Should I Get

I recently wanted to buy a new pair of headphones as I have started shift work and after finishing my work, I like to relax and listen to music. However, with my altered working hours, I found I could not do this for fear of disturbing my family who were sleeping. I therefore looked for what headphones should i get which was a great way to help me in making the correct choice quickly and effectively for my needs and the kind of music I love.

Petie’s Arrival

I was on leave today as I have to fetch Petie in the airport at 5 pm.  He texted me that he had a delayed flight so I went to the airport late.  He arrived at 5:30 pm via Philippine Airlines.  I saw him looking for me but he didn’t see me so I waved on him for him to see me.  We didn’t hire a hotel service instead we just rode a taxi going Marco Polo Hotel.  It was nice seeing Petie again and looking forward for marriage requirements soon.