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Canon Battery Pack

My canon battery pack is not charging anymore when I charged my camera.  It says “change the battery pack.”  I phoned the canon service center if they have spare for battery pack of my camera.  Unfortunately, they don’t have stock available for my camera.  They phoned their outlets but they don’t have as my camera is old model.  I phoned the camera house where I bought my camera, they referred me to a store that sells batteries for camera, mobile phone, laptop and a lot more.  Though its not original but at least it helps me to use my camera for the mean time while waiting for the original battery of my camera to arrived.

Happy And Blessed

I am happy today when I check the money on my bank account was already there. I waited for three days to get the money. Thankful and blessed that BA sent me the money for the down payment of our upcoming wedding. I withdrawn the amount for partial payment of our wedding planner. I texted her about my payment and she thank me. She said next month is my wedding gown and my entourage. Am so excited and looking forward for my gown.


In the concert that I recently watched, I could see the guitarist playing his guitar with a boosta for consistent tone and a rugged circuit board for tour-proven reliability. It has many features that can help your tube sing nicely. Nowadays there are a lot of gadget in music that will improved your sound system and will help the singer sings perfectly.

Happy 75th Birthday Mama

Today is the 75th birthday of mama.  I greet her this morning a happy birthday.  She celebrate her birthday outside by eating lunch after renewing her pension card in government service insurance system office.  When they got home they bought take out food for our dinner.  We just have a simple dinner celebration and chatting to our sister on skype from USA.  A simple celebration yet meaningful and thankful to God that  my mom reached her 75th birthday.  I hope and pray that God will continue to give her more life and good health always.

Tax Payment

Our accountant drop in the office to give the bir form for payment.  My boss was there so he gave me cash for payment in the bank.  Though we are late payment but its not my fault it was the fault of our accountant who computed the income tax returns very late.  Thankful as my boss didn’t notice that it was filed late and there are more charges.

Banquet Deposit

I check my bank account this afternoon if the money that Petie sent was already there.  Thankful as the money that he sent was already there.  I withdrawn the amount that he sent and after work this afternoon, I went to Marco Polo Hotel to pay for the banquet deposit.  So it’s official the wedding date that we chose was already reserved for us.  I hope and pray that our upcoming wedding would be prepared smoothly ahead of time.

Red Clay Lacoste Bag

My friend Arlene in Singapore was telling me that Lacoste M1 Vertical Tote Bags with 25cm drop were for sale. She asked if I would want to buy one as it was mark down at 20%. I grabbed the opportunity as I can save one thousand pesos from the mall price here in the Philippines. She bought me one, the color was red clay or orange and the size was large. She gave me the Lacoste bag when she had vacation last month, the same month Petie visited me for 10th times. I refunded my friend for the bag that she bought me. I was so happy and grateful to my friend for buying me the bag that I really like.

New Pedicure

My toenails are not presentable anymore that I decided to have pedicure service.  Timing, my Manicurista visited me in the office and have a new pedicure.  From yellow polish to pink flamingo this time.  I love the color always as pink is one of my favorite color.  Thankful as my manicurista is always visible whenever I need pedicure badly.

Petie’s Arrival

Last March 29th, me and Arlene was in the airport waiting for the arrival of Petie who travelled from Dubai to Manila and Davao.  This was his 10th visit to my place and I was glad he never stops visiting me.  Arlene who just arrived from Singapore yesterday for a vacation and excited to meet my fiance for the first time in the airport.  Petie just arrived on time and we took a taxi going to Waterfront Insular Hotel.  I helped Petie unpacked his things, gave me his presents and Arlene.  We’re both happy seeing Petie and thankful for his visit again.

PS120 Power Pack

In recording businesses, it is extremely useful to have on time input from a number of performers so that all the inputs can be mixed to produce the best possible audio sound. The Aviom Pro 19 System is used worldwide including in our local recording studios. However, in order to ensure the integrity of the system, it is necessary to ps120 power pack so that the system can function whatever the circumstances.