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Grocery Time

I had my grocery today together with Joyce as my boss gave me my advance salary. I bought the things that needed in the house such as soap, cooking oil, tissue, bread, cheese, peanuts and apples. I was a bit hungry after grocery so I treat Joyce for Siomai as our late snacks. And accompanied her in Dencia’s Restaurant for take out food for their dinner. Then we went home afterwards.

Shaving Stand

My brother recently had his bath room refurbished. It looked really nice but after he had completed the work one thing that made it look untidy was the way he used to just leave his shaving brush on the side of the bathroom sink. We decided to treat him to a shaving stand. Not only does his bathroom look a lot tidier now but also it will make his shaving brushes last a lot longer as they are stored correctly.

New Pedicure

I just had my pedicure in our office.  It was timing my manicurista visited me in the office asking if I need pedicure service.  I have my own polish with me colored pink and aquamarine.  My polish now is aquamarine.  I need pedicure as my toe nails have dry skin already.  Every 15 days I change my pedicure to maintain my nails as it dries my skin easily.  Now my toe nails are clean, neat and presentable.

Ash Wednesday

I just attended mass in our chapel Queen Mary of Peace for ash Wednesday.  It was my first time attending ash Wednesday mass in our chapel.  I have other reason to attend as I want to get Information Data Sheet to our chapel president as a requirement for my wedding.  After the mass I approached our neighbor to help me get my requirement.  She told the in-charge that I was going to marry and that I need this requirement.  She gave me the form that need to be filled up and told me to come back on sunday for personal interview.  The form has questions who I am going to marry, his name, birthday, address, the name of his parents and the same with me too.  I will filled up this tomorrow as I need to ask Petie about his personal data.

26th Annual General Assembly

I attended a 26th annual general assembly of Davao Doctors Cooperative this morning together with my brother who is a member too.  We were both an early bird, we received black basin, 2 cans of sardines, 1 big pack of powdered milk, 1 can of beef loaf, 1 can of corn beef, 10 pieces of coffee, 2 big tube of toothpaste and a cash of one hundred pesos for our fare.  My brother got these items too.  He won another one hundred pesos and a big bowl with cover and ladle being an early bird.  I guess we were lucky today as we got so many prizes on this assembly.  I will get my dividend on Tuesday as I couldn’t wait anymore as they will give it after the financial report.

Employee’s Benefit Payments

During lunch time, I headed to Pagibig Office to pay my quarterly contribution.  My transaction was very fast as few people are paying during lunch time.  Then I headed to Philhealth Office but I took my lunch first as I was so hungry.  I had my lunch at Jollibee, I ordered chicken, spaghetti and softdrink.  I just walk going to Philhealth office to pay my quarterly contribution.  I also paid my sister’s Philhealth insurance.  It was so hot but I have to do it to finish my errands.   Thankful as I already paid my quarterly benefit ahead of time.

Aquamarine Pedicure

My Manicurista texted me if I need a pedicure service today.  It was timing I just returned to office from errands.  It’s nice to relax while having a pedicure service.  I need pedicure as my toe nails are dried and the polish are chipped already.  Plus I will attend a dedication of my friend’s son this coming sunday.  I want to look good on that day as I was chosen as one of godmothers of her son and my blouse is aquamarine,  the same color of my pedicure.

Patient’s Operation Schedule

My boss texted me to schedule the operation of our patient tomorrow in Brokenshire Hospital. I just replied okey on him but I forgot to call the hospital.  I only remember when me and my friend were talking about my boss until I remember that he requested me to call for the schedule.  Unfortunately, when I called the hospital the phone was very busy, all the telephone numbers that I called were busy.  What I did was to go to the hospital and have it scheduled there to make sure that I won’t be scolded tomorrow.  It was hassle for me to go but I have to do it as its out patient’s operation schedule.

Lingerie Orders

I am happy I have 3 pieces orders of brassieres from a doctor customer. She ordered two pieces of black and one piece brown brassieres for herself and for her mom. She also ordered one boy leg undies for herself. The price that she ordered was a bit expensive as its branded lingerie. She likes the brassieres as it provides full coverage of the chest and beautifully complements sheer tops of plunging necklines. I am thankful I have lots of orders this month of January and looking forward for more sales in the coming days.

Full Extension Drawer Slide

We had an extension done recently to our kitchen and my Mom really wanted some more storage space. My brother contacted a local carpenter who built some drawers for him and he recommended we use a full extension drawer slide so that we could open the drawers really easily and smoothly. We agreed and we are so pleased that we took his advice, even the most heavily laden drawer is so easy to open.